As of Wednesday, June 24th, no perishable orders will be shipped through the summer months, until the fall season (late September).

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Featured Products

  • Taste the exciting flavors of our new cheeses - Soresina Provolone & Monteo - recently added to our wide selection of Italian specialties!

  • Made with partially skimmed milk, and aged only 20-30 days, Asiago Pressato is a semi-soft cheese that is sweet, fresh, lightly tangy, soft and buttery.

  • Famous for our Fresh Homemade Mozzarella, Di Palo's uses a generations old family recipe to produce this creamy cheese, made fresh daily.

  • A Perfect, creamy blend of cow's and sheep's milk. Bosina's rind is resilient enough to protect its interior while it ripens to a deliciously runny consistency. [...]

  • Exclusive to Di Palo, Lochitello Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in Sicily and sold in three different olive varietals, each with an aroma of fresh cut grass and green tomato.

  • This blended oil has the basic characteristics of olives from Umbria, Lazio, and Toscana. It is a great value, with a slightly bitter flavor and thick mouth-feel. [...]

  • Made from the highly-prized DOC white wine, Arneis, this delicate and distinctive vinegar has a beautiful amber color and floral qualities  [...]

  • This very delicate, fresh-tasting olive oil is made primarily from the ancient corolea olive variety with a touch of licino olives. [...]

  • Order from our selection of Pasta Rummo, a necessity to complete the traditional Italian meal. From Rigatoni to Orecchiette we have it all!

  • Produced in the corn producing region of the Veneto, Le Veneziane pastas are made with nothing but water and cornmeal, which lends them their vibrant yellow color  [...]

  • Founded in 1933 by Nello Spinosi in the region of Le Marche, Spinosi pasta was originally available only in the medieval town of Campofilone and in one restaurant in Rome. [...]

  • The Campanini family, now in its third generation, supplies some of the best restaurants in northern Italy with its naturally-grown rice from Veneto and Lombardia. [...]

  • Soppressatta is a cured pork sausage made in many regions of Southern Italy. Ours is produced in the traditional way by a small artisanal producer in New York. [...]

  • Di Palo's was the very first retailer to offer Speck Alto Adige in the United States. One of Italy's most interesting cured meats, Speck represents a fusion between two ancient methods of preserving pork  [...]

  • This pork sausage is cured in the style of Calabria, but we get it from an artisanal producer here in New York. [...]

  • Cacciatore means hunter, and these little dry links were traditionally used as the perfect portable snack for a long day’s hunt. Ours are made in the traditionl way by a small artisanal producer here in New York. [...]