Kayla Itsines BBG Workout Review

BY ​MEGAN DIPALO, MA​RCH ​17, 2018 11:00 AM

bbg workout review

​If you're trying to transform your body and health with Kayla Itsines BBG Workout, then you've come to the right place​! Continue reading as I share my experience in this complete review o​f Kayla Itsines PDF or also known as the Bikini Body Guide PDF.

​I’ve been heavy since I was in grade school (I’m in my third year of college now). But finding out that I’m in such “big” company didn’t make me feel any better – especially since it seems that almost all of the girls I go to school with are built like sticks, and eat whatever they want without a problem.

Like most people with a weight issue, I’ve tried various diets without much success. I even tried aerobics and a spin class a couple of years ago, but I felt too self-conscious to go back.

After I’d been in college for more than year, I went through a period when I was really depressed about the fact I weighed nearly ​180 pounds. So when I came across some Instagram posts about something called the ​BBG Program by Kayla Itsines, I was in a mood to try almost anything that actually worked and didn’t involve starvation or gyms.

I ​searched on Google for more information on the ​#BBG and found some Kayla Itsines review posts, and what I read about the program and the app sounded promising. It’s a series of daily workouts you can do at home, plus a reasonable diet plan – and everything’s available right on your phone, so you can take it anywhere. And it was created by a fitness guru who has been famous for years for what she calls her BBG workout. If you don't know what “BBG” is, it stands for Bikini Body Guide.

That was enough for me to give it a try.

​My Experience with the BBG Workout

I signed up for the Sweat app which cost $19.95 per month. I figured that even losing five or ten pounds would be worth the cost.

Here’s the good news: after three months of following the BBG program on my phone, I did even better than I expected. I lost almost 20 pounds!

Here’s the bad news: my three months of membership cost almost $60, and the app never worked right. It seemed that I spent half my time fighting with the thing. It was really buggy and crashed constantly, usually right in the middle of my workouts.

In short, I loved the BBG results – but hated the app. I searched the web for a solution to the never-ending glitches and crashes without luck and was about to give up, even though I was still motivated by the BBG workout before and after pictures I kept seeing.

Then I got lucky. While I was going through websites trying to find a fix, I came across a ​BBG Workout review written by a woman named Barbara. She didn’t suggest a way to fix the bugs in Kayla’s app, but she had something better. An alternative.

It turns out that the BBG workout plan was originally released in ebook form - the BBG PDF, before Kayla released her app. All of the ​workouts in ​the app were exactly the same as the ones in the Kayla Itsines workout PDF. Same thing for the Kayla Itsines nutrition guide: there’s no difference between the app and the ebooks.

Why does that matter? Because a downloaded Bikini Body Guide PDF doesn’t glitch or crash. Once you print it out, it always “works perfectly.” You also own the Kayla Itsines ebooks forever; when you use the app, you lose access to everything as soon as you stop paying the renewal fee.

Even better, Kayla only charges a one-time price for the Kayla Itsines PDF ebooks. Your credit card doesn’t get hit for $19.95 month after month.

Barbara’s BBG review was a fabulous discovery but left me with one obvious question: when you buy the BBG PDF, how much does the BBG cost? Well, the listed price on Kayla's website is pretty high. Most people have to pay almost $100 for the initial 12-week program and BBG meal plan. Then they have to pay even more for the second part of the system, the Bikini Body Buide 2.0 PDF (which is included in the app).

BUT…Barbara also ​shared a special Kayla Itsines discount link for 60% off the entire package. That means I’d get the original Kayla Itsines BBG program, the 2.0 BBG exercise system, and the Kayla Itsines diet plan and menus – for around the same price I paid for just three months of Kayla’s app. And they’d be mine forever.

I’m not sure which attracted me more, lifetime ownership of the entire Kayla BBG PDF package for a terrific price, or not having to struggle with the app anymore. Either way, I’m grateful to Barbara for sharing ​the secret discount link.

I bought the ​complete BBG program package at the discount site, reviewed the BBG 1.0 workouts and then tackled the BBG 2.0. You’ll have to keep reading this Bikini Body Guide review to find out how things turned out, but here’s a teaser: I look fantastic :)

Here’s an in-depth look at what happened, and what you can expect if you buy the Kayla Itsines BBG PDF package.

​Buying the Kayla Itsines PDF

kayla itsines pdf

Buying the BBG program ebooks on PDF couldn’t have been easier. The ​Kayla Itsines discount link that Barbara ​shared worked perfectly, the transaction went through in just seconds, and I could download the PDF files to my ​computer immediately.

I also ​downloaded the ebooks onto my ​iPhone. That let me keep the detailed Kayla Itsines workout guides next to me wherever I chose to do my exercises, and bring the Kayla Itsines PDF nutrition guide right into the kitchen when it was time to make dinner.

What’s In the BBG PDF Package?

There were three BBG ebooks in the ​package. Two had full details of the BBG workout; there was one PDF with the original Kayla Itsines workout plan (plus four weeks of “pre-exercises” to prepare you for BBG workout week 1), and another PDF with the more advanced BBG 2.0 program. The Kayla Itsines nutrition guide was in the final PDF. All were easy to read, fully illustrated and just as helpful as the app I’d been using on my phone.

And as Barbara had said, there was nothing missing from the ebooks. They contained every single exercise, all of the same nutrition information, and even the Kayla Itsines meal plan I’d been following on the app. I wasn’t missing a thing, and I owned it all – for zero dollars per month.

​Kayla Itsines BBG Review FAQ

Before I describe each part of the Bikini Body Guide program Kayla has built, here are some quick answers to questions you might have;

  • What Does The “BBG” Mean? – It stands for “Bikini Body Guide,” and the name is meant to emphasize that Kayla Itsines’ BBG program isn’t designed simply for weight loss or fat burning. Kayla created it so women could discover a healthier lifestyle, reinvent their bodies in the right way, and build the “bikini body” they may have never thought possible.

  • What Is The BBG Program? – It’s a comprehensive, easy-to-follow home exercise program that doesn’t require expensive gym-style equipment, combined with a nutrition guide and sample menus which complement the exercises and supercharge the results.

  • What Is The BBG Workout? – It’s a smartly created mix of high-intensity interval training (known as HIIT) and low-intensity workouts (known as LISS), alternated for six days a week. Thankfully, you get to take one day off per week for stretching and rehab. Each daily session takes only about ​28 minutes, and they’re designed to make sure you don’t get bored. The BBG fitness program ramps up over time, so the first few weeks of exercises are toned-down versions of the more challenging workouts which come later on.

  • What Is BBG Fitness? – In a nutshell, it’s what you’ll experience after completing the two parts of the workout program, the original 12 week plan and the advanced 2.0 BBG: stronger, more energy, more endurance – and a body you’ll be proud of, whether you’re actually wearing a bikini or not.

  • What Is The BBG Diet? – Many people consider Kayla’s sample 14-day meal plan (with recipes and substitution suggestions) the BBG “diet,” but there’s more to it than that. The BBG Diet PDF walks you through how the food you eat affects your metabolism, explains key nutrition information, and lists the changes you should make in your diet in order to stay healthy and lose weight.​

  • ​How Much Is The BBG Program? – ​You can get ​the complete BBG workout program for only $59.77 (one-time payment) from this Kayla Itsines discount ​website and save over $90.

Now that you’re up to speed with the generalities, let’s get to specifics.

The Kayla Itsines Workout

kayla itsines workout

​Kayla Itsines workout plan often called the BBG 1.0 was Kayla’s first 12-week exercise program, which created an Instagram craze and turned an Australian fitness trainer in her 20s into a worldwide phenomenon. She added the BBG 2.0, a more advanced program for the following 12 week period, in response to requests from tens of thousands of followers.

As I’ve mentioned, both the 1.0 and 2.0 routines are based on the smart idea of alternating high- and low-intensity workouts. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises like squats and lunges trigger fat-burning and calorie loss; LISS (low impact, steady-state cardio) activities like biking and walking are great for everything from cardiovascular health to preventing diseases like diabetes, and even help improve cognitive function. Low-intensity exercise also gives your body a chance to recover from the previous day’s higher-intensity workout.

Most people aren’t ready for challenging high-intensity exercises right away, though, so you start slowly with the BBG 1.0. During the first part of the 12-week program, days one, three and five are devoted to easier repetitions like push-ups, leg-raises and dips; one day targets your legs, one day is for your arms, and one is for the full body. There are two different exercises for each day, and you do each of them twice for seven minutes each time, totaling 28 minutes (not counting rest time).

After a few weeks, the full-body exercises are replaced by the more challenging Kayla Itsines ab workout. When you hit week nine your body should be ready for the high-intensity and resistance portions of the BBG workout that kick into full gear. You’ll be doing lunges, jumps, burpees and other strenuous exercises, holding weights at times (if you can handle them).

That brings me to one important note: you don’t need expensive equipment for BBG workouts, but you will need a few items you may not already own. Kayla has you use a jump rope, a bench, barbells and a kettlebell for many of the more-advanced HIIT exercises, but unfortunately doesn’t mention them before you buy the PDFs. That means the extra expense can come as an unexpected surprise. (It did for me, after I first downloaded the app.) The equipment doesn’t cost a fortune, thankfully, and you’ll appreciate having them.

The low-intensity (LISS) part of the BBG workout 1.0 is easier to deal with. Kayla suggests walking, cycling, elliptical training (if you have access to a machine) or even yoga for each 35-minute session. You can choose any LISS exercise on days 2, 4 and 6, so there’s nothing wrong with walking one day, biking another day and taking a yoga class on the third. On your “off day,” you just have some stretches to do, and Kayla shows you exactly how to do them in the PDF. You do the stretches to cool down after high-intensity sessions, too.

Once you finish the 12 weeks of the BBG 1.0 you’ll probably feel really good about yourself, and you should. The built-in BBG challenge isn’t easy. However, most people find – like I did – that they haven’t gotten all the way to their goal after completing the BBG 1.0. That’s why there’s a BBG 2.0.

The week 13-24 exercises get progressively tougher, but the first twelve weeks get you into shape to handle them. They’re basically the same types of workouts done on the same schedule; you’ll just need to add a foam roller to your equipment stash to do some of Kayla’s advanced workouts and the muscle recovery exercises she provides.

Some Kayla Itsines BBG reviews will tell you that the 2.0 program can be tough, and they’re right. The work is worth it, though – and after a while, I really started looking forward to my workouts. I can’t ever remember wanting to exercise before, but Kayla’s system actually made it challenging and fun once I was in better shape.

Here’s my BBG workout review in a nutshell: I finished the BBG stronger and healthier. I absolutely love the BBG workout pdf I got from Kayla's 60% discount website. I had reinvented the shape of my body – and I’d lost a lot of weight. How much? I’ll tell you shortly, after a look at the other half of the Kayla Itsines system.

Kayla Itsines BBG Diet Review

bikini body guide diet

The diets I had tried in the past were either crash diets which left me starving and depressed, or fad diets like Atkins or Keto which prevented me from eating most of the things I really liked. I didn’t last long on any of them, and any weight that I’d lost came back in a hurry.

Kayla’s bikini body guide diet is different because it’s basically a healthy eating plan. I didn’t have to cook with tons of butter or stuff myself full of protein, and I didn’t have to rule out most of the fruits and vegetables I love just because they contain sugar or starch. (In fact, Kayla offers a separate vegetarian version of the BBG diet.) The goal is simply to eat smart, and the Kayla Itsines diet pdf comes complete with explanations of why it’s smart to eat the foods that are recommended.

When you follow the suggested meal plans that come with the B​ikini Body Guide PDF, you consume around 1800 calories a day. That may still leave you a little hungry some days (I admit, I cheated a bit once in a while and added some extra fruit), but it’s far from a starvation diet that makes you say “I simply can’t do this.” And getting used to eating the right amount of food is an important step toward the lifestyle that lets you keep your bikini body, once you’ve finished the program.

I’ve never been a whiz in the kitchen, so I really appreciated the fact that the diet plan comes with 14 days’ worth of meal plans and recipes. Not only have I lost weight, I’ve become a better cook, too!

My BBG Results with the BBG Program

bbg results

I don’t play the drums, so I can’t give you a dramatic drum roll before telling giving you my BBG before and after results. So just imagine a drum roll as I tell you…

Before I started Kayla’s program (with the app), I weighed almost 180 pounds, had no interest in physical activity, and wouldn’t dream of wearing anything revealing in public because I was ashamed of the way I looked.

After six months of the Kayla Itsines full body workout and diet, I weighed 1​38 pounds, enjoyed working out (in moderation, of course!) and I’m even thinking about buying my first bikini ever.

In case you didn’t do the subtraction, I lost a​bout 42 pounds in six months!

And most of my weight is in the right places – no more belly roll, no more jiggly thighs, no more bubble butt! When I look in the mirror, I can see that I could stand to lose extra weight and tone up a little more, but I’m no longer ashamed. I’m proud of what I was able to do with Kayla’s help.

They say age is just a number, but so are the “weeks” in the BBG guide. You don’t have to stop doing the Bikini Body Guide workouts just because you complete week 24, and I don’t plan to stop.

In fact, I’ve gone back to week 13 in the BBG 2.0 and started all over again. Kayla has designed the exercises so they do just as much for your body once you’ve lost a good deal of weight and reinvented your body.

I’m aiming to drop another 20 pounds and improve my shape even more. After all, it takes only 30 minutes a day!

I’m also happy to report that my eating habits are better than ever. I don’t always stick to the 1800 calories a day, and I treat myself to some ice cream or a Big Mac a few times a month. But the rest of the time I’m eating healthy food (that I cook myself!) instead of frozen or packaged food, and I feel 100% better because of it.

Here’s the honest truth: the BBG workout isn’t for everyone. You have to be ready to invest the time and physical energy needed to do the workouts, and you have to be ready to change the way you eat. If you’re not ready – and I’m not sure I would have been ready two or three years ago – reading my Kayla Itsines guides review isn’t going to convince you to take the plunge.

However, if you’ve been searching for the answer to your weight and body issues and are ready to do something about them – I’m convinced that the Bikini Body Guide PDF program is the solution you’re looking for. It worked wonders for me.

​Just don’t make the mistake I did. Buy the BBG ebooks instead of subscribing to the app. The Kayla Itsines PDFs have no monthly charges, they’re glitch-free, and when you buy them through ​Kayla's discount link, you get 60% off.

​I hope you've enjoyed my Kayla Itsines review on the BBG workout.​ Good luck!

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